Since social and emotional skills are so important, the School District of Philadelphia partnered with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and a group of elementary school teachers to develop a section of the kindergarten report card that includes these skills. This section is called “Skills and Behaviors that Promote Learning”.

This section of the report card lists 14 of the social and emotional skills that district teachers and research say are most important for student success. Each marking period, kindergarten teachers report on student development of these skills. This information is on the report card, so families can see which skills their child has mastered and which skills they are still learning. You can see this section on the report card here.

The kindergarten report card is a tool for teachers and families to monitor children’s development of these important social and emotional skills.

Conquering Kindergarten is an effort to provide extra supports to families and teachers in Philadelphia as they help children learn these key skills.

To download a one-page handout about Conquering Kindergarten, teachers can click here, and families can click here. Translated versions of these handouts can be found here by searching for “Conquering Kindergarten”.


This work is made possible thanks to strategic relationships with partners, funders, and friends in Philadelphia’s Early Childhood Education community.


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